Our turn

In the past, we were children,
We laugh, we eat, we play, and we sleep,
Do nothing but have fun, our mother and father do the rest,
We don’t care so much because it’s their turn,

Now we’ve grown up,
We have husband/wife,
We will have a new child or another child – inshaallah,
Now we’ll take their turn to be our turn.
We have to take care everything for our child,
We’ll have less fun, more amanah,
We’ll understand things better.
And now we’ll understand them,
The two who love us,
and be happy to take very tired turn – raised you and me to grow up,
We love them more and more,
because we know or we will know
how great the love of our parent
next to the love of Allah and his messenger.
We love Allah and thank for His Mercy,
for we to have abee and ummee like this,
the time will pass, by and by,
the love for them should be more and more
from Your brother,
Who takes this turn before you.
With love+care 🙂
Abu Nuroyn



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